LCM Express has been specializing in deliving consolidated shipments for over 15 years and can offer our customers excellent pricing:

  • delivery from Europe and Asia
  • regular deliveries several times per week
  • affordable pricing via consolidation of large quantities of shipments
  • a network of our own warehouses in Europe, Russia, and Asia


LCM Express provides a full range of logistical shipping services, from processing shipments to receiving shipments from suppliers and delivering them via consolidated shipping to Russia:

  • We receive the shipment from your supplier.
  • We check the status and condition of the consolidated cargo.
  • We pack, repack, mark, pallet, and sort products, providing all necessary cargo handling.
  • We make sure the shipment is accompanied by all necessary documentation.
  • We store and sort consolidated cargo.
  • We do all the paperwork for export declarations (EX1), transit guarantees (T-1, T-2), TIR books (CARNET TIR), and CMR waybills for consolidated shipping.
  • We deliver consolidated shipments to Russia from Europe and Asia.
  • Customs registration.