Individualized packaging can be an important factor in shipping.

While transporting the goods an important issue may be an individual packaging.Sometimes the cargo recevied from the supplier does not have a package or its packaging does not correspond to the norms of transportation. In such cases LCM recommends its customers to use the service of packaging or repackaging.


Sometimes   a shipment has its own packaging, but for a number of reasons it is better to repack it. For example:

  • If the shipment was received from the sender without packaging or its condition prevents it from being shipped without risk of full or partial loss
  • If the shipment was packed incorrectly and there is a chance that the shipment's volumetric weight could be reduced and/or its safety during transport could be improved by repacking.


  • Pallet
  • Cardboard box
  • Polymer or polyethylene casing
  • Stripping tape
  • Thermo-shrinkable casing
  • Box with grate
  • Labeling and marking
  • Seal
  • Strongbox

All packing and unpacking of shipments is provided by LCM Express specialists at our own warehouses in Europe, Russia, and Asia, which guarantee our customers the highest quality of work in the shortest time possible for the fulfillment of their orders.