Shipments insurance with LCM Group and insurance company «Pari»

Financial losses – can be a threat to any international and domestic cargo. Your goods can be guarded very securely, delivered with the professional drivers but you can not be insured from accidental circumstances. But you can protect yourself from the risks associated with the loss or damage of goods. A visionary entrepreneur will not send the goods, without bothering about the cargo insurance policy. After all, even in a quiet European teams and general cargo have always been associated with great dangers.

LCM Group cooperates with leading Russian insurance company "Pari", which is the international credibility rating is officially A + ("Very reliable insurance agent"). "Pari" is specialized in logistics and cargo insurance.

Insurance by the freight forwarder in Russia is:
  • Insurance while delivering by sea, rail, road and air.
  • Dangerous goods, oversized cargo, LTL cargo insurance.
  • Insurance of all stages of foreign economic activities.
  • Property protection under any circumstances.
  • Timely payments on insurance claims.
  • Legal support and all necessary examinations organization.
  • Control of insurance representative at every stage of transportation

Collaboration of insurance companies and transport companies is a long term international experience in cargo insurance, which saves customers time and money.

Why do you need shipments insurance

The purpose of insurance - damages in the destruction of or damage to goods during transportation due to circumstances that do not depend on sender.

Cargo owners often equate the contract for transport and cargo transport insurance contract: they think that the company-carrier default reimburses all damages in case of loss or damage to goods. That ‘s true, but only partly.

International and Russian legislation clearly regulates the liability of carriers, and also lists the conditions under which the liability of the carrier to be removed completely: insurmountable circumstances, force majeure, weather factors and so on. If the goods are not insured, in the event of such circumstances are not carried out insurance payment.

More often than not the senders and recipients of cargo think of the payments only when the insured event has occurred. Even the understanding of the importance of insurance, Russian entrepreneurs often does not take into account all the risks that may affect their goods in transit. Trying to save money on this question often lead to cooperation with inexperienced agents that are not able to reach an agreement in all the dangers that may affect the property.

An experienced consultant will be able not only to competently draw up a contract, but will help the client to compensate for losses to the maximum.

Keep in mind competently compiled an insurance policy - a guarantee of payment in case of damage or loss of cargo.

What should be insured

Liability insurance carrier and insurance products - the two main categories of insurance in the organization of international groupage and general cargo.

  • Cargo insurance is possible with any delivery mode and multimodal transport. It is voluntary, the procedure for liability are defined individually with each cargo owner.
  • Liability insurance carrier - compulsory insurance when ordering transportation. The contractor undertakes to deliver the goods intact and on time (if no external factors that may prevent the delivery).

There are also several sub-cargo insurance, which will be mentioned below.

Types of insurance

  • Cargo insurance with responsibility for all risks: default contract are taken into account all the hazards that may affect the entrepreneur in case of loss, destruction and damage of cargo. Separately prescribed only exception situations in which the liability is removed from the carrier (the list is approved individually).
  • No liability for physical damage to cargo (other than crashes) the insurer is only liable in the case of the destruction of all the goods or part thereof. In the case of small damages liability does not occur.
  • Cargo insurance with responsibility for causing the onset of any physical damage to cargo.

Types of insurance agreements

The contract of insurance of transported goods can be made for one or more of cargo carried by one contractor for a documented period of time.

Terms and conditions for international insurance while shipping with LCM Group and «Pari»

While insure the shipment, insurance broker in the structure of LCM Group takes into account international standards and legislation of all countries through which the route passes. The agreement covers all the requirements that apply global standards to the modern transport carrier.

Our clients can choose the cooperation with one of the LCM partners (company «Pari«) or work with their own agent

Signing an insurance contract for transportation with LCM Group, every our client will get:

  • Detailed written instructions about actions upon the occurrence of a particular insured event
  • Operational organization of examinations to determine the cause of the insured event.
  • Assessment of the cargo and the damage that it suffered vehicle inspection.
  • Control of the inviolability of cargo to establish the causes of damage.
  • Legal support and advice on all insurance issues.
  • Preparation of documentation for payment under an insurance contract.
  • Regular insurance benefits.

LCM Group and the company "Pari" offer customers both standard cargo insurance contracts in international transport and flexible schemes of work, taking into account the characteristics of each product, the country of destination or the nature of the foreign economic activity. The cost of insurance is determined by the value of the goods in transit insurance type and other factors. For further information, please contact our managers.