LCM Express has over 15 years of experience in  customs registration.
We have customs representatives (brokers) in over 20 affiliates all over the world.

LCM Express customs registration services:

  • Organizing every aspect of product registration
  • Inspecting commercial documentation and external-economic contracts
  • Legal consultation on customs regulations
  • FEA consulting
  • Shipping your cargo
  • Filling out all necessary paperwork for the appropriate customs mode
  • Oversight for shipment inspections and providing independent inspections when necessary
  • FEACN code for imported products
  • Drawing up FEA transaction passports
  • Calculating taxes, tariffs, and customs costs (in advance)
  • Organizing necessary government oversight: phytosanitary, environmental, veterinary, etc.
  • Processing payment release for customs tariffs and VAT when importing equipment to registered capital
  • Temporary storage of shipments in Customs Inspection zones and temporary storage locations
  • Registering FEA participants with customs
  • Filling out all paperwork for declaring goods
  • Resolving conflicts regarding customs clearance
  • Collaboration in receiving a classification solution