LCM Express is a professional, reliable partner for FEA participants with certification experience in all varieties of production.

Our group of experts regularly undergoes training and review. Our  long-term contacts with governmental structures and customs organizations allow us to go through official procedures as efficiently as possible. When determining an optimal certification plan, our experts at LCM Express consider the characteristics of every kind of product: children's products, food products, industrial equipment, etc.



  • Mandatory and voluntary certification
  • Russian National Standard (Technology Regulation): certificates and declarations of compliance
  • Customs Union: certificates and declarations of compliance
  • EURO 4: certificates of compliance with environmental requirements regarding the disposal of automobile equipment
  • Department of Fire Safety: certificates and declarations
  • Proof of Government Registration
  • Expert report by the Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Health Protection
  • European CE certificate
  • Quality assurance system ISO 9001 certificate
  • Explanatory letters from the Russian Research Institute for Certification, Certification Authority (decisions on the necessity of certification)
  • Formulation and registration of Technological Conditions/Passports
  • Permission to Practice from the Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Health Protection
  • Independent inspection and evaluation of the value of goods, including those formerly in use
  • Alcohol Content Protocol
  • Permission to Transport from the Federal Radio Frequency Commission and Radio Frequency Service
  • Confirmation of the Absence of Ozone-Destroying Substances
  • EksKont/Permission for Dual-Application Commodities
  • Radiology Protocols
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade licenses
  • Certificates for the completion of the forms CT-1, General, and A
  • FSB notification


  • Certification Authorities for Production and Testing Laboratories: in accordance with the requirements of the Russian National Standard (the national certification system of the Russian Federation) and in compliance with the requirements of the Unified Customs Union Certification.
  • Certification Authority of the Fire Safety Compliance System and the Testing Laboratory associated with it, including, in part, Voluntary Compliance Confirmation.
  • Certification Authority for the right to conduct operations in the field of quality control systems certification in accordance with the Russian National Standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • For conducting inspections of Industrial Safety.
  • In the field of ensuring the unity of measurements.
  • In the field of evaluating the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure objects.