Shipping cost can depend on the amount of space occupied by the shipment on an aircraft rather than on its actual mass. These are called «oversized» shipments.

When shipping cargo that is light, but still very large, the cost of shipping is calculated based on «volumetric weight» according to the following formula:

Length (cm.) x width (cm.) x height (cm.) / 4000 = volumetric weight (kg.).

A shipment's volumetric weight indicates its density. Generally speaking, a shipment with less density occupies more space than another with average density even if both shipments have the same actual mass. The volumetric weight of an oversized shipment is compared to its actual mass for the purpose of determining whichever  is the greater. The greater number is used to calculate the cost of shipping.


Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm)/4000 = Volumetric weight