«LCM online » – a special service for on-line shops and distance selling companies with goods delivery from abroad to private individuals.

The rate includes full range of service - delivery from our warehouse abroad, customs clearance in the country of origin, delivery to Russia, customs clearance in Russia, final mile delivery across Russia.

Customs documents preparation and ID collection are also included in tariff. Wide geographical coverage let us deliver worldwide and to remote areas of Russia.

  • Weight per piece - up 10 kg,
  • Minimum weight break 100 grams,
  • Dimensions per one piece should not exceed 120 х 80 х 80 sm.
  • Free of charge limits for private individuals – 1000 Euro and not over 31 kg per calendar month. In case of exceeding these limits the consignee shall pay taxes and duties. Geographical coverage - over 6000 destinations across Russia.
  • Transit time depends on the destination
  • Transportation type - air and road
  • Cost of delivery in accordance with the approved tariffs.

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Additional services:

Storage at warehouse at the country of origin – upon request


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Trace the status of your shipment www.lcm-express.com


Delivery mode: to Door, to Drop-of point, to Post machine.

Limits and restrictions for inbound parcels from international on-line shops.
  1. The list of goods not related to personal use (The agreement on movement by private individuals of goods for personal use from 18.06.2010).
  2. Goods that will require FSB notification (Notification of Federal Security Service — it’s an obligatory document while importing to Customs Union, or exporting the encoding equipment from Customs Union.

The list of goods not related to personal use:

  • natural diamonds
  • fish, seafood (except caviar of sturgeon fishes) not more than 5 , Caviar sturgeon no more than 250 grams;
  • Central heating boilers
  • Internal combustion engines, except for engines on ships
  • Mowers (except mowers for lawns, parks or sports grounds, machines for harvesting hay, harvesting, machinery or equipment for threshing, presses for packing into bales of straw and hay; machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce
  • Solariums sun
  • Tractors, motor vehicles for special purposes, except those used for the carriage of goods or passengers, vehicles industrial self-propelled, not fitted with lifting or handling equipment
  • Trailers for transportation of cars
  • Ships, boats and floating structures, except for yachts and other vessels for recreation and sports, rowing boats and canoes
  • Medical machinery and equipment, except as necessary for use in transit or for medical reasons
  • Equipment for photographic
  • Instruments, equipment and models, designed for demonstrational purposes
  • Furnishing medical, surgical, dental or veterinary; barbers ' chairs and similar chairs; their parts
  • Games, operated by coins, banknotes, Bank cards, tokens or similar means of payment
Main goods that require Notification from Federal Security Service
  1. high frequency device;
  2. computer engineering;
  3. cryptographic equipment;
  4. electronic radio equipment;
  5. communications systems including mobile communications;
  6. Electronics.
    • mobile communications;
    • wireless encryption hardware (Wi-Fi, etc.);
    • personal Smart-карты;
    • encryption equipment;
    • broadcasting equipment;
    • encryption gadgets and others.

Registered notifications (notifies) could be found by the URL: link.

Please also pay attention to customs limits (according to Russian Federation legislation) for one private individual per calendar month. Declared value - 1000 euro per month for one consignee, weight- 31 kg . If exceeding duties should be paid by consignee.