LCM Express is over 15 years experts on delivery of LTL cargos and offers the clients best conditions:

  • Delivery from Europe and Asia
  • Regular delivery several times per week
  • Good rates due to the consolidation of a large number of cargoes
  • Network of own warehouses in Europe, Russia and Asia

LCM Express offers the full range of services for the logistics processing of goods from picking up the cargo from the supplier to delivery of a consolidated cargo to Russia:
  • Cargo pick up from your supplier.
  • Check the status of the consolidated cargo.
  • Packing, repacking, labeling, palletizing, sorting of goods with handling.
  • Checking the accompanying documents.
  • Storage and sorting of consolidated cargoes.
  • Registration of export declarations (EX1), transit guarantee (T-1, T-2), TIR carnet (CARNET TIR) and CMR consignment notes.
  • Cargo delivery to Russia from Europe and Asia.
  • Customs clearance in Russia.