Non urgent parcels and cargos delivery across Russia. For this tariff two delivery mode are available – Terminal – Door / Terminal – Terminal.

While filling the airwaybill please mention the Economy tariff.

To speed up the process it is recommended to issue an airwaybill in My LCM.

  • Number of pieces for one airwaybill - any
  • Weight – maximum weight for one piece 250 kg ( please check the weight limits according to the delivery zone)
  • Dimensions should not exceed 120*80*80 sм
  • Coverage – over 6000 cities in Russia
  • Transit time – depends on a city of destination
  • Delivery mode – road
  • Tariff – according to the rates table.

Calculate the rate using Calculator

Additional services:

Delivery to named recipient only, with notification;


Free of charge email/sms consignee information;


Deliveries address change within the same city*.

* If you change the delivery address, transit time can be prolonged.
List of prohibited goods for transportation according to LCM Express rules
  1. Express shipments classified as dangerous according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), requiring special storage and handling conditions (Explosives, firearms and its parts and components, ammunition , toxic, poisonous, corrosive chemical agents, gases, aerosol , shipments from I up to IX hazard class), radioactive materials;
  2. Alcohol-containing liquids;
  3. Ash, human remains, human organs and (or) human tissue, blood and its components;
  4. The land and natural resources, timber;
  5. Perishable goods;
  6. Aerosols;
  7. Ozone-depleting substances;
  8. Explosives, firearms and its parts and components, ammunition;
  9. Banknotes and its equivalents
  10. Excise goods
List of prohibited goods for transportation according to Russian Federation legislation
  1. Materials with sexual content, materials of a religious nature, calling for extremism or terrorist activity, materials aimed at propaganda of Nazi attributes or symbols or attributes or symbols similar to Nazi attributes and symbols confusingly, materials containing information that could cause harm to political or economic interests of the countries - members of Customs union and their state security, health and people morality; materials containing state and commercial secrets;
  2. Goods subject to the law of copyright infringement;
  3. Narcotic and psychotropic drugs;
  4. Rare and endangered species of wild animals and plants, their parts and (or) derivatives included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation;
  5. Objects of exceptional and cultural value, made over 50 years ago (antiques, works of art, documents, national archives, original archival documents, precious and semi-precious stones, medals, commemorative badges and signs, precious metals (gold, silver, etc.)