Express delivery is the way of delivering your parcels or correspondence in the shortest time, up to same day delivery   or overnight day, depending on the destination.

Today, the most valuable resource for everyone is time, and technology has taught us not to wait for the desired, but to receive here and now. That is why express delivery is so in demand today everywhere. If we buy things in online stores, we want to get the purchase immediately. If you sell goods, then you want to deliver it to your client as quickly as possible.

By offering your customers the best product, remember that the service level is the key to loyalty.

LCM Express offers express delivery for your parcels and documents worldwide.  Our own developed network of warehouses allows us to optimize delivery routes, and our brokerage license and experience in foreign trade activities   speeds up the   customs clearance process  - this is what is called express delivery.

  • Compliance with delivery deadlines;

  • Routes optimization;

  • Express customs clearance according to Russian Federation legislation;

  • Special rates for clients with big volumes and  flexible rates for small and medium-sized businesses;

  • Personal key account manager for your logistics issues optimization.