LCM group - a stable, growing, financially independent group of companies, which has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner.

LCM Group in Russia was established in 2000 and currently is a recognized leader of customs clearance and final mile delivery.

LCM Express is a part of an international network of LCM Group and at the same time the provider has the profound knowledge of Russian market in terms of courier delivery and customs clearance.

LCM in Russia provides thousands of clients with a full range of transportation and logistics services delivering throughout Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan and around the world. LCM Express is your reliable partner eCommerce solution.

Consumers now expect their products to be delivered when and where they want it. This has now become a key consideration in the purchase decision process, and LCM can do it for you. Providing available delivery options in real-time via an API, LCM Express offers delivery options, including door-to-door delivery, click & collect and pick-up & drop-off networks, based on the product details (such as size and weight), stock availability, destination, location and customer preference. Having warehouses in China, Russia and Europe we can be a part of your supply chain network. The most important aspect of a business's logistical activity is warehousing logistics: shipment-receiving processes, shipment-unpacking services, warehouse goods storage, loading for shipping.

LCM Express produces international customs documentation in paper, label or electronic format. This ensures our clients, especially retailers avoid the additional cost and delays caused by incorrect documentation, and makes sure the customer experience is maintained no matter where the parcel is being delivered.

LCM Express has been specializing in international shipping over 15 years and can offer our customers cost-effective options:

  • shipping from Europe and Asia
  • regular deliveries several times per week
  • competitive rates
  • a network of our own warehouses in Europe, Russia, and Asia

LCM Express provides a full range of logistical shipping services, from processing shipments to receiving shipments from suppliers and delivering them via consolidated shipping to Russia:

  • Receive shipment from your supplier.
  • Check the status and condition of consolidated cargo.
  • Provide package, repackage, mark, pallet, and sort products, providing all necessary cargo handling.
  • Check all necessary documentation.
  • Store and sort consolidated cargo.
  • Do all the paperwork for export declarations (EX1), transit guarantees (T-1, T-2), TIR books (CARNET TIR), and CMR waybills for consolidated shipping.
  • Deliver consolidated shipments to Russia from Europe and Asia.
  • Customs registration for consolidated shipments.

LCM Express offers a range of logistical product-shipping services for online stores and other companies that deliver goods over long distances. We have the resource base necessary to ship cargo all over the world quickly, reliably, and with high quality. Our call center is available specifically for processing these kinds of orders. We'll do all the process for you: we receive the product, ship it using any way that is most convenient and cost-effective for you.